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We breed dual quality American Brittanys for show, hunting and also companion pets. Our breeding stock is health screened and must pass OFA certification.� Our dogs brag of Westminster Best of Breed, Specialty Best In Show, Group wins,� as well as field trial placements, Hunt Test titles�and agility titles.� They are first and foremost are family pets and puppies are raised in the home environment and are well socialized. We hunt our show dogs.�We have bred�21 show champions, several with Jr and Sr hunt test titles and/or�working on field trial titles with placements. �Our�new puppy owners are�thrilled with their hunting and retrieving abilities. View our website for photos , pedigree and accomplishments of our dogs and dogs we have bred and/or co-own.��Visit our web site for�future planned breedings on our puppies page.�

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Christine Gourley
Glendale, Arizona 85303
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 18 years.
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Submitted by: Annie Stender on Aug 30, 2020
I read the many testimonials and wanted to echo all of them. I got my dog Casey from Christine, and he was such an amazing dog. He was very calm and never barked. I would have people tell me how calm and well mannered he was. It was impressive to see that those same traits run in the entire Gourley's line. I did take Casey to hunt training when he was little, and he was very birdy and even would fetch the bird. He would also point at every bird along our walks. I am not a hunter, so I did not continue, but the desire was definitely there. I would recommend this line to anyone. He was everything I ever dreamed of and more.
Submitted by: Robert Littlejohn on Dec 15, 2014
I would like anyone that is interested in or even really wants a Brittany to know that Christine Gourley has them for sure. I drove from Northern California to Glendale Arizona to get my Louie. I did this after a lot of homework. I'm sure glad I did. I have been a Brittany owner for 33 years. Every Brittany I have owned has been a great bird dog and also my best friend. Louie is noticeably better at both and boy is he handsome. Louie is by my side all the time. We have a home on the Delta that has some of the best pheasants, quails, ducks and dove you'll find anywhere and we are in the field or blind every day this time of year. Thanks Christine for the perfect Brittany.
Submitted by: Rod Ogilvie on Oct 03, 2014
I have raised and trained several American Brittanys and Llewellan Setters for foot hunting. I recently purchased a pup from Gourley's Brittanys and have been VERY impressed every step. Christine's facilities are clean and her dogs are very calm and well mannered. She takes more pride than any breeder I have ever seen. My new pup is the most intelligent pup I have had the pleasure to work with. I told Christine that the pup will soon be answering the phone. You Can't go wrong with a Gourley's Brittany. I only wish I could rate the breeder a 10+
Submitted by: Marshall Gooch on Nov 06, 2010
Miki, who is 13 mo.s old, is my 4th hunting Brittany and is showing all the natural abilities of a fine hunting dog. At 5 mo.s, she was pointing and chasing birds in the yard and also retrieving. Recently, she has surprised me with her knack for finding birds. While walking her on leash, she pulled me across the yard, but I didn't see anything until she flushed 2 mountain doves from the bushes. Another time we were in the open when she froze and pointed to the sky. I wondered what for, but when I looked up, there were birds on the overhead power line. With her nose she picks up birds in trees and tracks feral chickens. Miki is an offspring of Christine's dogs, Rio and Dina. Christine preserves the hunting instinct in her dog's temperament and she reinforces it with training. I've been waiting to get Miki in the field, but unfortunately our hunting area is in a severe drought and is closed because of fire hazard. So for now, Miki is a congenial new family member and a pretty girl excelling in the show ring.
Submitted by: matt on Nov 01, 2010
We recently, I guess it has been a year now, went through Christine and added a member to our family, Tucker. He is perhaps, one of the calmest brittanys that I have ever come accross. He is great around our children, wonderful around strangers, and here is the amazing thing our Brittany rarely even barks. I originally went through Christine, because I was looking for a dog that would be good around the house and that I could take hunting, as this is one of my principal activities. With her dogs show ring pedigrees, the good around the house wasn't my biggest concern. I was more than pleasantly surprised when he quickly began succeeding in the field. Calm at home, but so much energy in the field, that he can compete at a champion level. We started him on birds at a very young age, and at just over one year old, he is by far the best all purpose bird dog, I have ever owned. Look forward to many years of hunting with him.

Submitted by: Steve Dana on Feb 24, 2008
My first ever Brittany, Rusty, was from a litter bred and nurtured by Christine Gourley. I've had various breeds of bird dogs all my life and decided I wanted to down-size my hunting dog, but I also wanted a dog that could hunt upland game birds as well as the bigger breeds. I've not been disappointed in the Brittany, he is a wonderful pet, doesn't bark, and is as energetic and enthusiastic at hunting as my German Shorthair (she is currently 13 and retired from hunting, but still loves to teach the young dog new tricks). Although I bought Rusty as a hunting dog, Christine told me he had show potential, and asked if she could show him. I reluctantly agreed and Rusty won his fist show at six months and went on to finish before his first birthday with four major wins.
If you want a quality Brittany, for hunting and/or show, I highly recommend GourleyBrittanys.
Submitted by: Shaun Anna on Feb 22, 2008
I've been around and hunted with Brittanys for over 25 years. So, I new exactly what I wanted in my next one. While doing research with various breeders I met Christine Gourley of Gourley's Brittanys. It did'nt take long for me to realize that I'd found the breeder I was looking for.
Christine asked all the right questions and gave all the right answers. After our interview she helped me find the perfect hunting companion/pet that I could ever hope for. I found her to be quite knowledgeable, very proffessional and real easy to work with. Both, before and after I recieved my pup. She has remained accessable, and helpful to me when I have questions or need advice. Christine is very conscious and aware of what good breeding means and what it takes to achive. I take comfort in knowing that she is out there doing what it takes for the Brittnay Spanial to reach its highest potential. After all, the "Brittany" is the perfect dog! In my opinion.
My pups papered name is "Gourley's Alaskan Jade". We call her "Jade". She is one year, six months old. We just finished her first season on wild birds. She did great! Full of desire, obedient, sweet and loving as well. And is the prettiest thing too. What else can I say? Give Christine a call you'll be glad you did. I sure am.
Submitted by: Chris Fenner on Feb 18, 2008
We are the proud owners of Gourley's Dreams Of Buried Treasure - our beloved "Arrow". He's a great looking pup of 10 months that is starting his hunt training. He's very birdy and should be a great bird dog!

Christine has been a great help as a breeder. She genuinely cares about the dogs she breeds and follows up with us regarding Arrows growth and training. She's been a definate asset to have in Arrow's development and our own as dog owners.
Submitted by: Ann Farinas on Feb 17, 2008
I own two Gourley Brittanys, "Maxine" (CH Gourley's Maximum Bet) and "Sassy" (Gourley's Schoenhund Sassafrass Lass).

Maxine was out of Gourley's Brittanys first litters; Sassy was one of the pups from Maxine. Christine Gourley is a responsible breeder who is involved and interested in the well being of her pups, as well as taking pride in each dog's accomplishment. She has partnered with me in assisting me in raising the both dogs, and has encouraged me in obtaining titles for both Britts. She is a selective breeder who carefully chooses the pair of parents, and makes sure that she is breeding the best stock of pups.

Maxine finished her Junior Hunter's title in one weekend, as well as Sassy, her pup, has the inquisitive and "nose" to find birds, where ever they hide. I am very pleased with both dogs, and would not hesitate in seeking advise from Christine when selecting another pup.
Submitted by: Kathleen J Brown on Feb 15, 2008
We were fortunate to find Gourley's Brittany's close to home. After careful screening by Christine, she let us get Brandy or "Second Time's a Charm", who was already 16 months old. I needed a dog to exercise and be my therapy dog. She loves to do anything I ask her to; especially "cuddle." People who visit our home say, "I have never met such a calm dog!" and that for a Brittany! She has brought our family a lot of pleasure and we're hoping she finishes her championship very soon- she has the right stuff! When that is completed, on to therapy dog school.
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