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CPR CVK's Straight Shooter "Kimber"

CPR CVK's Straight Shooter "Kimber"


We have a very solid 1 year old 55 lbs. yellow female pointing lab for sale named Kimber.  Kimber has high retrieve drive and hunts very well.  We guided with her all season for pheasants this fall and she did very well.  Kimber has her Certified Pointing Retriever title with the APLA.  Normally a dog of her caliber would cost upwards of $5000 with her CPR title but we are rehoming her for $3000.  The reason is she takes time to warm up to new environments.  This is her only flaw.  In the field she is a rock star.  Her retrieve drive and point are as good as it gets.  She just takes time to feel comfortable with new people and surroundings.  She would work best in a home setting.  She seems to attach herself to her master very well, it just takes a little time for her to accept her new master.  She is everything you are looking for in a hunting companion, she just needs extra time to make the transition. 

For questions about Kimber contact Bryan @ 605-395-7788.  Bryan trained her from 6 months old to her CPR title so he can answer any questions you may have.


Ad location: Conde, South Dakota
Ad created: Dec 06, 2017

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