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Our gorgeous German Shorthair Pointer, Makai, whelped her new litter of 10 puppies (9 males and 1 female) on May 16th!  We have four spoken for, but have six males now looking to make someone proud.  They will be ready to go about the second week of July.

Makai came from Upland Hills Kennels in Port Angeles, Washington where both her sire and dam were well lauded and recognized for their hunting and field trial skills, carrying multiple champion and dual champion awards.  The sire of the puppies, Garrett from Chippewa Kennels, comes from a line of notable dogs with many champion dogs as well.  He is also an exceptionally gifted hunter and has received a variety of awards in NAVDHA field trials.  More than for hunting, however, these hunter/companion dogs make good family companions!  Both lines are noted for their great temperaments, a strong desire to serve and please, and remarkable ease of training. Even Makai's direct sister at three-years-old is a full-time service dog as is one of her pups from her last litter!  Makai and Garret are both perfectly adept at family life and the expectation is that the pups will be, as well.  

In regard to soundness and health, and according to a local vet who oversees multiple GSP kennels in our area, Makai has been described as exceptionally beautiful and perfectly proportioned.  She weighs in right at 50 lbs and stands 23 inches at the withers.  Her AKC hip x-rays came back as good and both her line and Garrets' have no notable history of genetic abnormalities, nor is there any record of cancer in the line.

No matter where you live (within the US), if you are interested in a puppy, give me a call to talk about it.   They are not for everyone, of course, and we really care about the kind of home the puppies go to.   But it is always fun to brag and I could probably help you figure out if one of our GSPs are a good fit for you.   Hurry, though, because these future hunters and companions are already picking their new owners!

 --Trevor & Shanette Owen, Wild & Home Kennels

Ad location: Silverton, Oregon
Ad created: May 17, 2013

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