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Our Dogs have a Genetic Advantage. Invest in your Dog, not your VET.  

Our adults are screened to assure you quality lines:

We have certified our dogs’ HIPS through the Orthopedic Foundation for 
Animals (OFA). 
We certify our dogs’ ELBOWS through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals 
We have certified our dogs’ HEARTS through the Orthopedic Foundation for 
Animals (OFA). 
We certify their Eyes through the Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF). 
We also screen our studs DNA for Progressive Retinal Atrophy through the 
Optigen program.

We give our dogs a Genetic & Nutritional Advantage. Please keep them going on 
the best, will let you know our little secrets.  

A Muddy Meadow retriever is a high quality investment that will bring its 
owner many years of enjoyment, they are very versatile dogs that can ware 
many different hats so to speak. Weather you are in the field hunting or at a 
nursing home doing Therapy work, or taking a nap this dog can and will be by 
your side asking you what you want him to do next.... 

Our dogs are first and for most our family pets, we strive to better and 
enhance the breed to be workable, happy, healthy and knowledgeable pets that 
like to learn.
We do show our dogs in obedience, we have fun with them running hunt tests, 
our family loves to compete against each other as to WHO has the smartest 
dog. Training is fun and enjoyable for our dogs. Our dogs love rally, agility 
and dock dog jumping. Goldens will get up and work as a wonderful performance 
dog, when you come home they will kick back and watch the tube. They are 
amazing friends that just want to make you happy.    

Our customers and our vets are willing to be references on our behalf.If you 
would like to talk to them please email me for their numbers. 
Anyone that would like to come and visit with us are more then welcome, we 
love to visit with other dog lovers, to share our stories and yours!

Now ACCEPTING deposits on our 2012 & 2013 litters. 
We spend lots of hours and effort in giving each individual puppy attention 
so they are sure of themselves before they are in new homes. 

Pups will be given age appropriate shots and wormings. 

Pups also will have a health certificate and 
a physical examine verification/shot record from our vet. 

Pups come with a care package which includes:
Blanket with moms sent on it, collar, leash, dog food, toys and a starter 
puppy folder with your health records & training tips. AKC registration 

A schedule for recommended vet visits will be provided in your puppy packets.

By week five your pups will know to go potty outside and how to use a puppy 
potty door!! This makes your potty training efforts much less. Clean puppy 
beds always makes smarter pups. They don’t like to make a mess in the house 
and cry to go out!!  With our years of experience we do our best to produce 
you the highest quality golden that is free of faults.  


Puppies are 1800.00 and payments are welcome up to 15 Days before you pick 
Him/Her up or your shipping date. We accept checks, money orders, bank 
checks.Payments can be mailed certified so I have to sign for them. 

 If your pup needs to fly home to you, they will fly home on their 8 week 
If you are coming to pick your pup up, they will be ready for you when they 
turn 7 weeks old.

  Pups that need to fly will be kennel trained so they are comfortable before 
leaving our home. Our pups fly out to you on Delta airlines anywhere 
with in the USA with the exception of ALASKA or HAWAII. Transportion costs 
are not covered and are solely the responsibility of the buyers. 
Shipping: $335.00 includes, the Continental U.S and Canada. 
                    Included in that flight cost: 

                    Vet examination Health certificate for the flight. 

                    Ride to the airport.Its a 3 hour round trip.

                    Straight flights only to your nearest major airport. 

                    Remmington Kennel 

                    Potty pad 

                    Beach towel or blanket with moms scent for the flight. 

                    Toys to fly with 

                    Natural bone for something to do! 

                    Puppies will also always fly with food & ice cubes 

                    Shipping is not included in the puppy price. 

Your puppy must fly on before 9 weeks of age for the flight price to stay at 

 Once you have placed a deposit on our litter list you will receive
pictures when your litter is born. You can watch the pups grow before 
you eyes. At the age of 4 weeks old, the puppies will have colored collars on 
and you will receive individualized pictures of each baby. Progress reports 
on their growth and updates to assure you that your pup is getting 
the best care possible. When the pups are 4 to 5 weeks of age we invite you 
to our puppy play day.  We take pride in raising the best baby for you! If 
you ever have questions after your pup goes home, we are here to help you 
with training questions. We love to hear from our past buyers! We also have 
photo contests for our past buyers yearly.  

 We solely breed our pets to provide a good quality Golden Retriever. We only 
sell our pups to Families that will provide them great homes for the life of 
their pet. If the new owners cannot provide a home for their dog or new pup 
please let us be the first to reclaim our breed. The new owners shall be 
responsible not to ever bring their dog to any shelter.  We would never put 
our pups in the hands of any dealers. Our pups are pets and will need to live 
in your home upon arrival.   
Puppies do take large amounts of time and effort to ensure that your pet will 
be all he/she can be. We ask every puppy buyer to send  pictures and updates 
on your pups progress to ensure that we are doing our best for our breeding 
program. Golden Retrievers are very smart and loyal and want to 
please which makes training easier then some of the other breeds but do need 
to know the do's and don'ts as puppies. We are here for our buyers free of 
charge to ask questions at any time.  

Please email if you are looking for a great family dog that has 
potential of working in Hunt, agility, Therapy, Service dog, Obedience, 
rally, fly ball, dock dog events! 
 I am sorry but at this time we have made the decision to only sell our pups 
on limited registration. This means we will not be allowing any breeding 

Our puppy process

 1. Please fill out our application on our web site. 

2. I will call you to answer any questions you may have. You may set up a 
time to visit.  

3. If you decide a Muddy Meadows pup is what your looking for and you want to 
reserve a male or a female from a litter, I will email you our contract & 
your warranty. Please print, sign and mail with your check.

4. I will email you when I receive your deposit and you are officially on our 
waiting list. 

Thank you, we look forward to meeting you!
Chad, Cindy, Jerry & Stacy, Josh and Jessica

Ad location: Kimball, Minnesota
Ad created: Dec 24, 2012

Golden Retrievers Puppies Breeder Information