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About B & B Ohio Shorthairs
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German Shorthaired Pointer
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Bill and Bobbie Hintz
848 TR 462
Ashland / Nova, Ohio 44859
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 19 years.
Testimonials (8)
Submitted by: Micah Snyder on Jan 14, 2012
When buying a pup from B&B you enter their family. I have been breeding dogs for years and have never seen people so dedicated to making they do everything possible to ensure top quality dogs like B&B. Their lines are Great and heck they come almost completely housebroken as puppies. Seeing how they do it has improved my process. Great job Bill and Bobbie!
Submitted by: Al & Tracey Frankhauser on Feb 16, 2011
Dogs have been a part of our lives ever since our kids were little. I wanted a bird dog but was concerned that a hunting dog would not be as good a pet for the rest of the family. THAT THOUGHT PROVED FALSE!! My wife ask the vet if she knew of a good breeder for German Short-haired Pointers and fortunately they recommended Bill and Bobbie Hintz. Mind you that Tracey (my wife) didn't know what a GSP was. She only knew that I wanted one. We made a visit to Bill and Bobbies to check out these "Short-hairs". All the dogs were very well cared for. When Bill let them loose it was immediately obvious that he and Bobbie invest time and passion into their dogs. We knew that this was the breed for us and ask to be put on the list for a pup....ended up getting two! They both have a strong desire to please so it was not difficult to train them. We've had them for over 2 years. We let them run like Yahoo's outside because they whoa and come on command. I can let them range out a ways or keep them close within 35 yards.Both have great noses, point and honor. In the field they are all business but in the house they are affectionate and definitely an important part of our family. Bill And Bobbie (B&B) made sure that we would call them with any questions about training or care for the dogs.So in a big way they share in our success.
Submitted by: Jason Robertson on Nov 10, 2010
My contact with Bill and Bobbie started 9 months before I would even pick up my puppy. Bill spent a good amount of time on the phone with me giving me information about the breed and listening to me rant about a previous GSP we owned. We loved our previous GSP but he displayed some annoying behaviors that Bill convinced me were a result of bad breeding. He assured me their dogs were different. He was right.

A few months before getting our puppy (Hank) Bobby called to tell me about the successful breeding and she answered another list of questions I had. I only share this because I spoke to other breeders who only cared to tell me a price and ask if I would be sending a deposit or not. B&B cared more about fitting their puppyies with the right kind of home than just getting puppies sold. I also liked the fact that they only had one litter a year and because of this they were able to give good care to the puppies.

When it came to time to pick out our puppy, our whole family drove to their house and Bobby was very hospitable. I was impressed at how protective she was of the mom and puppies. Again, she obviously cared about the puppies and they were kept in a very clean area and we were given clear instructions on how to handle the puppies correctly. I had the first pick of the litter and I had a desire for specific color of which they only had one. I would have chosen strictly based on color, but Bobby already had a good feel for the puppies and based on our family situation, she recommended a puppy for us. The puppy she recommended wasn't the color we wanted, but she thought he would be best, but ultimately left it up to us. We went with her recommendation and we have no regrets.

Hank has the best temperament of any GSP I've ever been around. In fact, sometimes he seems more like a lab than a GSP. He's gentle with my two little boys and he's ridiculously smart. He never whines like many GSP's. Put him in the car for a long trip and he lays down immediately and goes to sleep. He picked up on commands almost immediately and house breaking him was not a problem. He's never been afraid of loud noises and has never even flinched at a vacuum cleaner or pop guns that my boys love to fire off at will.

Hank is now eight months old. Because of a move our family went through I didn't get to start Hank on birds as quickly as I wanted. A few weeks ago I took Hank to a NAVHDA trainer not knowing what to expect. I was a little concerned that his laid-backness would translate into a lack of hunting drive. Nope. By the end of our first session (he hadn't even seen a bird to this point) Hank was pointing birds and holding steady until the bird was launched. I saw a side of him I hadn't seen before and the trainer said I should be ecstatic. He also said he thought I had a puppy that was the result of responsible breeding. Hank has a ton of potential and if he doesn't turn out to be a stellar hunting dog it will be my fault not his.

Hank is one of those puppies that makes you feel like your a good owner/trainer. This is simply not true. We just got a fantastic puppy from a great breeder and I can't say enough about Bill and Bobby, both as just all around great people and as outstanding breeders!
Submitted by: Steve Prahst on May 12, 2009
I have lived and hunted with German Shorthaired Pointers my entire life. I had my previous GSP for 15 years when he passed in 2006. A year later, I started looking for a new GSP. I again desired a family dog and hunter. A fellow hunter recommended B&B Ohio Shorthairs to me.

I called B&B (now known to me as Bill and Bobbie), and inquired about future liters. They were very helpful, sharing history of the dogs and even inviting me to come out and see the expecting parents (both were at B&B). I was very impressed with the dogs and the environment Bill and Bobbie provided. These were obviously great dogs - looked great, lots of enthusiasm, gentle with my wife and daughter, and hunters. Bill told me about his many trips to South Dakota with them, and yes, they pointed and retrieved a few birds.

We picked up our B&B Ohio Shorthair pup (dubbed Cody) about 2.5 years ago. Bobbie even gave him a bath before we picked him up! Cody is now fully part of our family. He is smart, has awesome spirit and energy, and is a joy out hunting. Bill and Bobbie have given us lots of tips along the way including advice on basic training, field training, and the occasional "incident" - like getting sprayed by a skunk and eating a sock!

Bill and Bobbie care greatly about the GSP breed, their dogs, and the happiness they bring to new GSP owners. I highly recommend you consider one of their fine Ohio GSPs. I'm glad I did!
Submitted by: James Richardson on May 12, 2009
My wife and I have known Bill and Bobbie Hintz for about 8 years. We have one of their dogs, Pete, who is one of the family. He is a good natured dog, good with children and a fun loving pet. In the field though he becomes all business. Pete has one of the best noses of any gun dog I have been around. B&B's line of gun dogs rank with the best anywhere. Their facility in Nova, OH is clean and modern. They spare no expense keeping their dogs in top notch condition. Bill has a dog training facility on the grounds and helped me with the basics of training Pete. I highly rcommend B&B. They have the best German Shorthair Pointers to be found.
Submitted by: George and Brenda Kociuba on May 11, 2009
We lost our Maverick 7 years ago, thought we could never find another dog to replace him but B & B Ohio Shorthairs has delivered for us.

Jester is a 6 years Germanshort Hair Pointer and is wonderful in the field very good temperment. Raised with our grandgirls would even share ice cubes with her when he was a puppy. We couldn't ask for a better breed of dogs or breeder to deal with. They care about the line of dogs they pass on and they are not just another litter to them. Not only did we buy our dog(s) (yes we now have 3 shorthairs, one just wasn't enough our Charlie Girl will be 4 this year and she is my sweetheart) Bill and Bobbie Hintz have helped us train them to accomplish nothing but the best in field hunting. Our kids also have 2 of their dogs Maggie and Truman. Truman is excellent in the field nothing beats and nothing beats watching them flush out a pheasant or chucker. Words could never explain how wonderfull B & B Ohio Shorthair are to deal with or the line of dogs they carry.
Submitted by: Joe VanPatten on Nov 06, 2008
My new shorthair is a little over six months. I could not be happier. She is doing what I want in the field and has turned out to be a pretty good family dog too. These Bill & Bobbie were great to deal with. I'll be calling them when I am ready for another one!

Joe VanPatten
Submitted by: JACK A. CARMONEY on May 08, 2008
I have raised two GSP puppies from B&B and feel that these dogs can do it all for the hunter. They have proven to be winners for me. They naturally back, point and are exceptional retrievers. They have great noses and were easy to train. They have proven to be very biddable and both dogs are inside pets, as well as hunters. I highly recommend Bobbi and Bill as breeders and as great people to work with.

Jack Carmoney 419-651-4966

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