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Montagnia Via Spinone Puppies due - New York Spinone Italiano Breeders

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About Montagnia Via Spinone Puppies due
Thank you to all the wonderful people that given wonderful homes to our puppies. It is with a sad heart that we are retiring from breeding our wonderful spinoni. We have met so many wonderful people and have become great friends with them and will continue that family relationship. The best to all of you. Steve & Pat
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Spinone Italiano
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Steve & Pat Cuzzacrea
174 John Brannon Rd.
Olmstedville, New York 12857
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 20 years.
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Submitted by: Celeste and Larry DeMarco on Mar 03, 2013
Gemma is the newest addition to our pack. She joined us in 2011. The breeder of our other two male Spinoni had passed away and we were so happy to come across Montagnia Via Kennels in our search. In talking with Pat, it turned out that she actually remembered us, and our first dog, Ziggy, form the early “Spinoni Only” hunting clinics in Maine many years ago.
Pat and Steve avidly hunt their dogs and are familiar with NAVHDA. As we use our dogs in the field, this was very important to us in selecting a breeder. Steve knew this and began monitoring the litter. We were interested in a female and were given the opportunity to have first pick of the litter. Pat regularly sent videos of the pups to us. When we arrived at their home, Steve had all the “girls” outside where we could see them react to some fun bird training. We selected “yellow #3” to take home. I already had her name picked, “Gemma.”
From the moment we took Gemma home and began training she was pointing and retrieving. At four months we had her in the fields of a friend in Maine where she tracked, and retrieved quail and was exposed to gunshot for the first time- NO reaction at all…nice. At the age of six months Gemma had her first wild bird hunt in Maine. It didn’t take her long to leave our side and venture into the thick woods. She tracked, pointed and retrieved woodcock for five days straight. She even honored points by Gus, our older Spinone. On the preserve that year she was retrieving cock pheasant as big as she was! This October, she wowed our hunting friends with her fieldwork on grouse. Burr patches, water, bogs did not deter her from her mission to get that bird.
At home, she wins the hearts of everyone who visits us, with her gentle disposition (although poor, tolerant Gus might disagree). We couldn’t be happier with her.
“Gemma” is Italian for jewel and she certainly is for us.
“Thanks” to Pat and Steve because we all know…It STARTS WITH GOOD BREEDING! And then, we take it from there.

Submitted by: Tony Reynolds on Mar 01, 2013
I have as my own Spinone a puppy from the 2011 litter, a wonderful girl named Minerva. She is very communicative and patient-- especially on point. She is a great swimmer and retriever. Pat and Steve have always been interested in helping me out with advice or in hearing Minerva stories. I appreciate all their efforts before the breeding, after the pups were born, as I picked up my Mimi, and after we got home together. I like the community that they have built. I think you will, too.
Submitted by: Christine Silvestro on Mar 01, 2013
I can't say enough positive things about Montagnia Via Spinone! From the beginning Pat and Steve were helpful and available to answer questions. I absolutely loved the frequent puppy videos they sent so we could watch our puppy grow! Our Chewie has always been a fabulous dog. She has the sweetest, gentlest, most loving personality and is so comical she makes us laugh every day. I cant thank Pat and Steve enough for all the love and work they put into raising the puppies-Chewie was even house broken when we got her! Even after two years Pat and Steve are still available to answer any question I might have which I believe is proof of their dedication to their dogs. Because of our positive experiences, if we were ever to get another dog it would have to be a Spinone and it would definitely be from Pat and Steve.
Submitted by: Bill Battelle on Feb 20, 2013
My wife Cathy & I decided to bring a dog into our lives early last year. After reviewing countless dog breeds to find the type of dog that would suit us best - a wonderfully docile family pet who loves young children and has great hunting attributes - we kept coming back to the Spinone Italiano breed.

After researching the breed, we set out to find a breeder. We were pointed (pun intended) in the direction of Pat & Steve at Montagnia Via Spinone and we could not have found a better breeder. We received updated information on our puppy each week - from her conception through our actual pick-up - and we were thrilled with every single aspect of bringing Tessie into our family. Yes, Tessie is our dog's name and she is perfect.

Pat & Steve breed their dogs lovingly and with great care and the results are proof positive of the hard work they put into it. Tessie's mom is Lily (you can see her on their web-site)and she looks just like her mommy with a little more apricot color - we love her soooo much - and we have Pat & Steve to thank for getting her started in life and completely ready for us to continue to spoil her rotten.

Tessie was putting up pheasants this past fall when she was only four months old and LOVES to be outdoors running through the woods as if she owns them! Hunting with her has been awesome - so instinctful and she never goes astray - never! When evening time comes around, she's a couch potato laying on my wife's lap looking to snuggle like a cat - she is truly the best of both worlds for us!!

We really can't say enough about our puppy - we often forget that she is only 8 months old because she is such an even-tempered and loving creature and wise for her age - or about the best breeders we could have ever asked for......the entire experience has been remarkable!

Thank you Pat & Steve.
Submitted by: Judith Bergson on Feb 17, 2013
We got our Spinone from Pat and Steve almost six yeas ago. Nico
{ Domenico} is a wonderful dog. It was clear from the moment Pat put him in my arms that the Cuzzacreas started him off with great care and one-to-one attention. Pat tries to ensure a good match between puppy and new owner and is helpful with suggestions re care if asked.
Nico is a wonderful dog. I could not be happier.
Submitted by: Andi Gabler on Feb 14, 2013
I wish there were a higher rating! We had the best experience in purchasing our puppy, Enzo from Pat and Steve. Right from the beginning, it was clear they were more than just breeders. They kept up informed of progress through photos of the litter and videos. We drove over 10 hours to pick up our boy and it was well worth the time. Pat and Steve had already socialized the puppies and Enzo had a smooth, uneventful ride home. I love the picture of all 10 pups in the crate in their SUV, going to visit friends with other dogs and children. So important. And, the best is that Enzo was well on his way to being house broken. Pat and Steve's dedication to breeding and raising these puppies in their home for the first few months of their lives, gave our puppy a great start! I highly recommend them if you're looking for a puppy. Who knows, we might be back for another. After all, is 1 Spinone enough? Thanks Pat and Steve!
Submitted by: Ruth & Walter Marhafer on Feb 11, 2013
My husband and myself purchased our Spinone from
Pat and Steve on Nov. of 2003 she is our loved
Bella Rose, who while I write this is at my side,
this is the spot she loves to be, always resting
her head on my foot, or some times a head in my
lap. We belong to the Schdy. Dog Training Club
where she loves to go and visit with the other
dogs and people, she has never ever been any
thing but a great puppy and dog. She came to us
potty trained and just moved in and took over,
are vet loves seening her come for her shots, and
never has any type of problem with her not wanting
to be touch. We have purchase puppies from other
breeders, that once you pay the money, they don't
want to see you again, not with Pat and Steve, they turn in to great friends, we would recommend
them highly to all. Thanks Pat and Steve for a great dog and best friend.
Good luck with your next breeding
Ruth and Walter Marhafer

Submitted by: Peter La Guerre on Oct 19, 2012
This is long overdue. About 17 years overdue. I met Pat and Steve when picking up my puppy Baldwin from her. After a several hour drive from NYC, with a friend who had just received her drivers license a week before and had never driven on a highway.I'll never forget that trip. After getting lost several times we finally arrived. When Baldwins mother Bella stood up surrounded by her litter, I thought to myself, well she's quite big and what have I got myself into now. Well, I can honestly say that in almost fourteen years, I have never regretted getting Baldwin, who was a character. My good friend said,after he was gone, "Baldwin wasn't a dog he was personality." Baldwin was from Pat and Steve's first litter. He was also the last one to go. I someday might get another dog. That dog might be a great dog too. But if I were to get another Spinoni then Pat and Steve would be my first choice and I know that 'Personality' will amazing. You can't go wrong, even if you don't get your Spinone from Pat and Steve. Meeting them will definately be to your advantage. They are great people who truly love and admire the breed. Her discription of her and Steve above is exactly true. A few months before Baldwin passed on I was able to bring him to Pat's Spinoni day event. If you want to meet a bunch of people who really, really love Spinone this would be the place to do that. Plus learn so much about the breed and the people who safeguard that the Italian Spinoni remains just that, and does not become a victim of the popularity curse or become the American Spinoni or some other form of nonsense. Sorry, this was so long but over due. For those of you who are hunters So are Pat and Steve. But if your the kind of hunter who crates his dog in the truck after the hunt while you crack open that beer. Then maybe a Spinoni isn't for you. They are family. Always at your feet waiting for that treat. Or ready to slime your pants resting their head in your lap looking at you with those eyes!
Good luck to you!
Peter La Guerre

Submitted by: Janet Ostrander on Mar 03, 2012
When I got my first Spinone, Gus, in 2009 I never thought I would be writing a second testimonial for Pat and Steve but it seems Montagnia Via Spinone are like potato chips - the first one is so good that you just have to go back for another! I now have a full sister to Gus, Gabriella, and she is equally endearing. My dogs both have earned theie CGC titles and Gus is a certified therapy dog who has done some wonderful things with his nursing home fans that could never be taught in a training class. For Gus they are just part of his inate loving nature.
I am not a hunter but on our walks in the woods both dogs have pointed woodcock and partridge for me. I have watched in amazement while 10 month old Gabby stands to honor her brother's point. It is wonderful to watch how their heritage runs so true. Both dogs have had quite a bit of formal training. Their trainer says that the quality and caliber of these two dogs speaks volumes about their breeder. They are a delight to live with, to work with and to play with. Thank you Pat and Steve!
Submitted by: debbie hillard on Feb 23, 2012
Our dog Willy was the best dog! Everyone loved him, wonderful with children and he captured the heart of all of our friends. We miss him so much , but will have another one from Pat soon ...

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