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update on 6/7/11

We have decided to get out of

breeding labs and we are offering our

3 females for sale. go to our website

for info on them.


1 1/2 year old females for sale

yellow female Piva's come to me (Sunny) pedigree

Choc female Piva's Ruby Too Pedigre

Choc female Piva's mocha maker


In the spring of 2006, I picked a yellow female from the litter of Gracie
and Buck. I have taken her (Payson) hunting for ducks, geese, pheasants, and
quail. She has an excellent nose for game and loves to retrieve. This fall,
my group shot 49 ducks and Payson retrieved most of them. She loves the
water and has an almost unending drive to fetch and retrieve. She has
learned hand, voice and whistle commands which were needed on numerous blind
retrieves. She loves people and other animals, so she is a real favorite of
my friends. At 1-1/2 years of age, she was about 70 pounds, so she has the
size to work the heavy cover without any trouble. Thanks again for breeding
such beautiful and talented labs.


Bill Cook


  • Dear Deb,

    Just a brief update on "Jake".
    AKC # SR24785704
    UKC 3 R176-287
    Registered name: WR Sir Rebel Jake of Eagle Ridge JH
    Sire: FC AFC Rebel With a Cause
    Dam: Big Oak's Break the Bank
    Weight: 80 plus lbs.

    North American Hunting Retriever Association
    -SR (Started Retriever) title before 6 months of age.
    -7 of 9 Started Hunt test passes.
    -Passed the Midwest Regional Started Hunt Test
    -Four Intermediate Passes. Has the WR (Working Retriever) title AKC
    -JH title. Passed four for four Junior Hunt Tests HRC
    -Recently passed his first HRC Seasoned Hunt Test.

    Informal Hunt Tests
    -Passed all three Informal Hunt Tests he was entered in.

    Jake is a great looking lab who loves to work. He is extremely fast in the field with lots of desire. An excellent marker who excels in the water. Very obedient for his age on blinds. Works very well with other dogs. Great around people and loves kids. He will be making his third Goose hunting trip to Saskatchewan in a few weeks. Then off to North Dakota for Pheasants. He is a real member of our entire family and my hunting partner.


    John H, Owner/Trainer

    This is Deek, son of reba and stormy. You said you like to hear from those of us who bought your pups so I thought I'd check in. This pup is great. He's a natural when it comes to training. I'm more just triggering his instincts than training him. I brought him to the game fair last week and he did awsome for a 7 month old. He showed up a lot of adult dogs on the obsticle course. I got a million compliments on how he looked. He's a great dog in the house, truck, boat and on the jet ski. Thank you for taking your breeding seriously and creating great dogs.

    Lowell J

    Brian and I purchased Madison from you three years ago, and we could not be more pleased with what a excellent dog she has became. We were really impressed with your facilities, and how well you cared for the pups.
    My 12 year old black lab just passed away, and we are now looking for a new companion for Maddie.

    We were thinking about putting a hold on one of the female pups of you next litter if you are planning on another one- we would like as close to the pick of the litter as we can get if possible. We cannot decide between a black lab or another yellow, so we decided that which ever litter comes up first will be the one we get.

    We are not in any hurry, so when the next litter comes along, please let us know.

    Thanks for your time,
    Tracy Eckert, DVM and
    Brian Corcoran- from White Bear Lake MN

    This is Brad F, I am the one who purchased one of the last Chocolate Lab pups you had, I just wanted to let you know that we named him Tekan. Tekan is AMAZING... His nose is great, we drag dummies through the grass and then bring him out, he not only finds it but he brings it straight back to me. I just wanted to thank you again for this great pup. I will get some pictures to you soon.

    Thanks Again!!!

    Brad F

    Hi Deb,

    I just wanted you to know that Harley is doing great! I can't believe that he was basically house trained from the start. He very clearly lets us know when he has to go outside. Once he is outside he is a dynamo, jumping and frolicking around. His first night was a bit rough, he didn't want to get too far from me. I felt bad for him and let him sleep on me on the couch all night. I thought for sure that I had spoiled him from the start, but he has taken to his own room and kennel very well.

    We went to a party at a friends house on Saturday, and he did very well. There were two other dogs there, and Harley just laid on his back and let them smell him. He had no negative reaction to them at all. When we were leaving the party, there was a couple walking their chocolate lab, who was at least 100 pounds or more, and very badly behaved. He saw Harley and was very interested. The chocolate lab dropped onto his forearms with his tail high in the air, and Harley actually started to boldly walking toward him. The chocolate lab jumped up when Harley got close, and Harley reacted by casually turning and walking away, but his tail was between his legs and he wanted me to pick him up immediately, which I gladly did as I didn't want that big dog to hurt him, even if it was an accident.

    His first vet appointment went perfectly, as you would already expect, and there were many compliments made to you. He's all lined up for all the appointments he will need, and the vet was also very impressed with the information that you sent along. He is also very fond of Labrador's and owns one and is looking for another so I wouldn't be surprised if he contacts you.

    Thank you again for such a wonderful puppy - the compliments are overwhelming.


    Hi Deb,
    This is John M, Carolann and I bought Indy from you earlier this year. I just wanted to compliment you. Indy is the most amazing dog. I've never seen a dog that is more sweet, loyal and well trained. When my dog died after having her for 14 years, I doubted that any dog would fill that void, but Indy did. I'm not sure how you did it, but she is perfect for us.

  • Here are some stories that I wanted to share with you.

    We took Indy to NY this summer and had her on the beach. She had a blast retrieving her dummy duck out of the ocean and totally ignored any of the distractions around her. One guy that was at the beach who hunts in upstate NY asked for your name. He was impressed with her strong love for retrieving and her focus on her owner (us).

    Here are some pics - I don't think that she cared for the salt water and sand, but it never stopped her.

    This fall I took her duck hunting, which she loved. Other dogs were pacing, barking and having to be "reminded" to come back (with a training collar). She would ignore their bad behavior (no pack mentality) and would stay with me no matter what. You would not know that she is 7 years old by the way that she can hit the water for a retrieve. Here is a pick of her at Carley State Park flying into the water to get a tennis ball. I couldn't believe how far she flew. Maybe she could have also been one of those "dock dogs".

    She really fits-in in our house. We are guilty of spoiler her a little, but we cant resist. During the day you can usually find her sleeping on our bed or my sons bed or walking around the house with a stuffed animal in her mouth. In my mind, she is the perfect dog. She is quiet in the house and full of energy outdoors. She is a little chunky in some of the pics. After her spay, we had some challenges regulating her weight but she is fine now.

    I always give you credit for her quality, disposition and training wherever we go.

    Indy and my son when we were duck hunting (a little hard to see her)

    Indy and the goose

    Here are a few more pics of her.

    I hope to take her for pheasant before the season closes and see how she likes the field stuff.

    Thanks again for selling us such a wonderful dog!

    Take care


- Deb:

Thanks again for scheduling the time for Laura and me to come and meet with you, and see the litter from Gracie. Wow, what a fun time!

The pups were beautiful and they all seemed to have wonderful personalities. You have done a great job of socializing them and bringing
out their instincts with the live pigeon. I am really looking forward to having a puppy from your litter for my many upcoming years of hunting trips and companionship. I have hunted pheasants, ducks, geese and quail for many years. While I love to hunt, I really love watching my hunting companion in the field and seeing her skills develop with training and experience.

Laura and I were really impressed at how well organized and clean the kennels were. It was obvious the pups and adult dogs were very well cared for and loved. You're doing a great job.

Thanks again for your time, yesterday. We look forward to seeing you on April 6th and making our pick. Take care.


Bill Cook


Well I thought you might like a progress report on the girls

Elsie (Cosmo/Lady) will be entering her third agility competition in October. It is only her 3rd competition she has ever participated in and she has already earned two legs toward her Novice A Standard Title. We should get her title at the show in October, home turf. The show is in St. Peter October 6-8.

Lexi (Grace/sire from Co.) will be going on her first out of state duck hunt the same weekend as the Agility trial. She has incredible drive and will pick up and retrieve canadian geese where Elsie will not (but Elsie retrieved 58 ducks by her self last year in North Dakota in one weekend). She is quite tall and slender but all muscle. She weighs about 55-60 pounds at a year and five months. Everyone who sees her loves her look and demeanor. This one is going to be a tank in the field, she never quits.

Over all just wanted to thank you again for giving me such wonderful girls. They make my day every day, spoiled as they are. Keep up the great work in breeding exceptional companions, hunters, and agility runners.

Thanks again,

Jenn Homer

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