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American Brittany
Breeder Contact Info
Terry Gowin
PO Box 177
Whitewater, Kansas 67154
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 36 years.
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Testimonials (7)
Submitted by: Jake Scott on Mar 09, 2015
It is unfortunate that 5 is the highest rating I can give Terry. Terry and I began communicating 2 years ago when he was trying to breed Grace, unfortunately she did not take. Terry invited me to visit his Kennel and I am so thankful I did. It was at this time I was able to see all of the awards Terry and his dogs have won over the years in field trial competitions. You can tell by visiting with him that he takes tremendous pride in is craft, as he should. He has an amazing product. I made the decision that I was waiting as long as it took to get a puppy from Terry. Over the past 2 years Terry kept me updated on field trials and about attempting to breed Grace or Hope. In November Mabel was whelped. When I received Mabel, she had been well taken care of. It has been several years since I have trained a puppy and Terry has been very helpful with the process. Whether it be a simple email, or allowing me to bring Mabel back to the kennel for some hands on experience, Terry has been there for me. I haven't purchased many dogs, but Terry met and exceeded any expectation I had. Should I purchase another puppy in the future, Terry will be my 1st and only phone call. I would recommend anyone interested in purchasing a high quality Brittany contact Terry.
Submitted by: kenneth stringer on Nov 29, 2012
I purchased a little female puppy this year from Kanza Brittanys. Her name is Spirt's Freckled Shadow but we just call her Freckles. She came to us healthy, with a very gentle spirit and a desire to please. We have not tried to push her along at all as my wife has made her more of a pet than hunter. We have been taking her for walks and just enjoying her as a companion. She has decided on her own that she is a bird dog as well as a friend. On one of our walks, on her own she went on a picture perfect point on a quail and held point until I could flush. I was so excited so I called Terry to tell him. He was so kind and listened to me brag. My wife took her out for a walk and to her surprise she again went on point and held until the bird flushed. Freckles still didn't give chase but held her position. This is the first dog I have had that we haven't trained but she has sure taught us a lot. I now know that a well breed dog already knows what to do if I just get out of the way and let them teach me.
Submitted by: Judy Remmert on Oct 19, 2012
We purchased our first dog from Kanza Brittanys this spring. Copper is a happy, healthy puppy and shows hunting skills instinctively. Terry is the ultimate professional as both owner and breeder. We highly recommend Terry Gowin at Kanza Brittanys.
Submitted by: Steven Foster on Mar 09, 2012
We bought a pup from Terry in February and we LOVE her! Terry is very knowledgeable, helpful, and has great pups. It was hard to pick just one to bring home. She is smart and has great instinct....a testament to his great breeding program. We would buy another pup from here in a heartbeat!
Submitted by: Stan Upchurch on Jan 30, 2012
I purchased my Brittany, Duchess, from Terry eight years ago. She began her life at my house as a lap dog. For the first two months we had her she was constantly held by my wife and daughter. but eventually I got my way and began training her to be my hunting buddy. I discovered that she was becoming a little hard mouthed but I soon found out why. My daughter and her boyfriend(now husband) were teaching her to play tug of war with a bird. They also taught her that when she pointed a game of chase would begin. That should be the end of the story but it is really the beginning. I made her my companion. I took her to work and she laid under my desk. When I went to lunch she sat next to me in the truck. She even slept on our bed with us. I'm a minister who is deaf. Somehow she knew that I needed help. So when someone came to the door,she came and got me by putting her paw on my knee and leading me to the door. When the phone rings she puts her paw and my knee and points to the phone. If I ignore the phone she tugs on my pants until I go get it. I fall a lot because of a disease I have and when I fall she gets help and brings it to me and stands there until I am upright, and then follows me to a chair. If no one is around she stands staunch while I use her to help me get on my knees and then to my walker so I can stand. She hasn't been trained to do this, its something she learned on her own. A bird dog need to be bright and smart and able to find birds in any cover. My dog does not do that but she is able to solve problems and help me when I need it. If I were looking for bird dog I would go to Kansa again. I'll also go there for my next companion dog, for my little Duchess is real royalty in my life. She's sitting at my feet now as I type this and somehow I believe she knows what I typing. I just tell her she's a good dog because I don't want her head to swell to much. But really she's my best buddy. Isn't it great that dogs teach us all about what it means to love someone. She accepts me for who I am. She doesn't judge me. She just loves me.
Submitted by: Trasa Shinpoch on Jan 29, 2012
I first met Terry around 6 years ago and since then I have learned much from him and have a lot of respect for him. He researches bloodlines and takes pride in breeding top quality and healthy pups. I have had the opportunity to watch some of his pups grow up and compete in field trials and hunt tests. His pups perform great and have a lot of potential to champions!!
Submitted by: Lynda Zartarian on Jan 06, 2012
I purchased a Brittany pup from this breeder over 2 years ago. Roy's Spitit Hunter is the most exciting field trial dog I have owned in my 20 years of Brittanys. The breeder was highly recommended by the sire of Flash and many others in the field trial community and made the logistics of getting the pup to Massachusetts easy. I think this breeder researches his breedings and reaches out to the best dogs in the field.

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